Home Automation and Control Systems

Home Automation and Control Systems in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Fountain Hills and surrounding area

Lights, Audio / Video equipment, security cameras, irrigation, HVAC, or home appliances can all be controlled with a remote control or in-wall touch screen bringing home control to life!

A properly designed control system offers simplicity, functionality, convenience, efficiency, and a huge WOW factor to friends, family and guests! 

For example, want to watch a little TV?  Simply press the “Watch TV” button on your remote and relax as your entire system comes to life!  TV turns on and switches to proper the input, A/V receiver turns on and switches to the proper input, cable box or satellite receiver turns on and switches to your favorite channel and the lights dim to 30% for optimal viewing.  When you are done, press the “System Off” button and everything shuts down.  Yes, it really is that simple!

Long gone are the days of needing a college degree to operate your Home Entertainment equipment!  One of our professionally installed control systems can put you back in control!